Our Beliefs

We here at NFFWBC are very proud of our Free Will Baptist heritage. However, our first and foremost concern is the salvation of the lost, through faith in Jesus Christ. We do wish for everyone to understand what we believe. The following is a brief statement on each of our defining beliefs.


  1. The Holy Scriptures: These are the Old Testament and New Testament (plenary verbal). Written by holy men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and are God's revealed words to man. They are completely sufficient and infallible. It is the only rule and guide to salvation and all Christian worship and service.
  2. Being and Attributes of God: We believe in the One True God, Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. Eternal, infallible, immutable, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. The only wise God.
  3. Creation: God created all things in a literal six days.
  4. Depravity of man: All men, since the fall of Adam and Eve, are born into a depraved state and are in need of salvation.
  5. Salvation: Is required by all who reach the age of accountability, salvation involves the following:
    1. The Gospel Call: One must be lead by scripture and the Holy Spirit
    2. Repentance: This is a deep conviction, a chastened sorrow, an open confession, a decided hatred, and an entire forsaking of all sin.
    3. Faith: One must believe with all your heart that the Gospel of Jesus is true.
    4. Regeneration: This is a miraculous, instantaneous, renewal of the heart, by the Holy Spirit given freely upon faith and repentance.
    5. Justification: Given freely upon faith and repentance.
    6. Sanctification: Given freely upon faith and repentance, however sanctification is the continuing of God's grace whereby the Christian may constantly grow in grace and the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  6.  Perseverance of the Saints: There are strong grounds to hope that the truly regenerate will persevere unto the end, and be saved through the power of divine grace which is pledged for our support; however, our future obedience and final salvation are neither determined nor certain, since through infirmity and manifold temptations we are in danger of rejecting salvation; and we must   watch and pray, lest we make shipwreck of our faith and be lost.
  7. The Lord's day: This is one day in seven, which from creation of the world God has set apart for sacred rest and holy service. Under the Gospel, the first day of the week, in commemoration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and by the authority of Jesus Christ and the apostles, we observe as the sabbath.
  8. The Church: There are two distinct groups to be defined as the Church.
    1. A local body of believers in Jesus Christ who resolutely assemble to worship God, and who sustain the ordinances of the Gospel according to Scripture.
    2. The Church of God, or members of the body of Jesus Christ, is the whole body of Christians throughout the whole world, and none but the regenerate are its members.
  9. Tithing: God's Scriptural financial plan for the support of His work.
  10. Ordinances: We believe that Scripture teaches,
    1. Christian baptism by immersion.
    2. The Lords Supper
    3. Washing of the saints feet
  11. Death: As a result of sin all mankind is subject to the death of the body. The soul does not die with the body, but immediately after death enters into a state of happiness for the saved or misery for the lost.
  12. Second Coming of Jesus Christ: The Lord Jesus, who ascended on high and sits at the right hand of God the Father, will come again to close the Gospel dispensation, glorify His saints, and judge the world. This is our hope as Christians.
  13. The Resurrection: Scripture teaches the resurrection of the bodies of all men, each in its own order; they that were saved will come forth to the resurrection of life, and they that were lost to the resurrection of damnation.
  14. Judgment: There will be a judgment, when time and man's probation will close forever. Then all men will be judged according to their works. 
  15. Retribution: Immediately after the judgment, the righteous will enter eternal life, and the wicked will go into a state of eternal punishment.
  May 2021  
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